My name is Monica. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and teacher based in St. Louis, where I live with my husband and westie terrier.

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In a nutshell, I’m an ENTP, a 3 on the Enneagram, a Questioner of expectations, and a Self-Relier in most relationships. My five strengths are Significance, Ideation, Self-Assurance, Futuristic, and Developer. My giving love language is Acts of Service and my receiving love language is Quality Time. Did I mention I’m obsessed with personality tests? Learn more about me »


My Work

I’ve been blogging online since 1998, when blogs were called journals and no one had a non-navel-gazing topic. I’ve started a number of websites over the years and reached tens of thousands with my words. This site focuses on storytelling, business, marketing, and media. You can explore the blog here »

I’ve written over half a million words of fiction and published 20+ books. You can learn about my books here »

I also give back to the community with my Prose on Fire project. You may have experienced some pain or difficulty with marketing your book—but things don’t have to be so tough. The best way to get started is with my free presentation on building an email list.

Who Cares What You Do. What Ignites You?

Let’s move past the small talk and get to the good stuff!

The thing that ignites me most is seeing people get what they want out of life, whatever that may be. It fulfills me to see people grow and realize their potential. We are all works-in-progress, and I love when people’s strengths, skills, and passion align in both work and life, as mine have.

I get great joy from seeing others accomplish their huge goals, especially if I was able to help them in any way. My love language is sharing ideas that inspire, teach, and create movement in others. I genuinely believe that people who are willing to work hard at happiness can launch experiments, start projects, and create systems that improve their lives drastically, all while having fun and growing into the person they’ve always envisioned.

I’d love to put a name to a face—so tell me, what ignites YOU? Post your answer on Facebook and tag me by adding +Monica Leonelle or post it on Twitter and tag me by adding @MonicaLeonelle. When you tag me, I’ll see it and write you back! If I’m able to help you further your goals, I’ll include useful links or quotes too.

I write stories and share my thought process on this blog so I can make connections with amazing people like you. Let’s do this!

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My Message

If there is one thing I could shout from the rooftops every single day, it would be that marketing your book can be a drama-free process that doesn’t include self-doubt, stress, deadlines, word counts, or slogging away at a computer for hours and hours. The stuff I share at Prose on Fire is a completely different mindset, a choose-your-own-adventure, an inspiration well that you can draw from over and over again.

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What’s Next?

A big part of building a relationship is showing vulnerability. On this website, I’m putting myself out there again and again. Now it’s your turn.

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