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A Pilot snippet from the first chapter of Unbound

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It’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday! This week, I’m sharing a snippet from the first chapter of Unbound, book 2 in the Waters Dark and Deep series. The snippet is from a Pilot chapter, and he’s a bit angry at someone he met in the first book. A few notes: You can get the first book, Hallowed, in ebook format for free on most platforms in most countries. See the Books tab for a list of links As will always be true with WIP Wednesday, spoilers abound. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip these entries. Work-in-progress is exactly…read more


Things I Love Thursday: Mortal Instruments, Blue Jasmine, and The Spectacular Now

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It’s Things I Love Thursday! Yes, we are keeping with the meme. Here are some new things that I absolutely love this week: The Mortal Instruments City of Bones extended clip I have no idea where to even start with this clip. I’ve been a fan of these books for what feels like forever (since 2008, I think) and I couldn’t be more excited to see this movie on August 21st. Getting an early extended clip is a real treat for fans and I’m so glad I found this online….read more


WIP Wednesday: A snippet from the fifth chapter of Socialmob

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It’s the Inaugural Work-In-Progress (WIP) Wednesday, which I haven’t told anyone I was thinking of doing until just now (you just read the announcement). What it is: WIP Wednesday is a way for me to share excerpts from unfinished manuscripts that I’m currently working on. I was planning on sharing a Waters Dark and Deep snippet today, but now that I’ve finally gotten Hallowed out, people are wondering about another long overdue book that I’ve owed them for quite awhile: Socialmob, which is the sequel to Socialpunk and the second in the Socialpunk trilogy. I…read more


The Secret to Making It as a Writer

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I’ve switched careers twice in my life, now. (And I’m only 29, so go figure.) The first time, I switched from programmer to marketing professional. It required getting a master’s degree (actually, just the network that came along with it) plus a lot of self-teaching in the digital marketing space. To compensate for my lack of experience, I wrote a book and blog about digital marketing to demonstrate expertise, and within a few years, I had made the switch. I had my dream job, but hated it. Twice. Not a…read more

Characterization and What I Learned From Re-Watching 6 Seasons of Dawson’s Creek

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Netflix is one of my new favorite ways to relive my past, starting with Dawson’s Creek. It was the sauciest teen drama on television during its original run, but in a world with Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries and Secret Life and Gossip Girl, it looks downright moral in retrospect. Somehow, it stands the test of time for me, while also bringing me back to my high school and college years, which just so happened to match up with the story lines. But the most interesting thing about…read more

On Turning 30 Years Old

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Han Solo turned 30 yesterday, and over the last few days, I found myself continuously asking him some version of, “How do you feel about turning 30?” He pretty much shrugged and answered the way any sane person would: not much changes. I don’t completely buy it. I won’t be turning 30 until February of next year—but it feels like a huge milestone that changes both nothing and everything, forever. As I prepare to say goodbye to my 20′s, I’ve been reflecting back on bucket list-type items that I’ve checked…read more