1:15 pm –

It just occurred to me that I have 1 week to write nearly 50k words. The goal sounds much more daunting than trying to walk 5 times in the next 8 days, which is what I’ve been telling myself.

Last night I came up with a potential answer for my editing woes…


I want to get editing done rapidly, and my greatest fear while editing is that at the end of each stage, the draft isn’t good enough.

So, the best way to get the draft to where I want it is to get through tons of rounds of edits as quickly as possible. That means not worrying at all about making the book perfect on the first pass, just doing as many corrections as quickly as I can. When it feels right (which in my mind, is when I can send it to Susan and she’ll love it), I can send it off and feel good with where it is.

This takes the pressure off of me and allows my creative side to work at its own pace, the same way it does with drafting.

Or at least that’s the theory… I need to put it into practice to see if my hypothesis is true.

The biggest issue is, how to judge my progress? Susan’s feedback is helpful, as are reviews after the fact (when it’s too late to change things). I could track my time and see if books get published faster using this method. It’s a bit more difficult to judge progress though, because there is an element of quality in the equation that is not as important during the drafting phase.

I always tell myself in the drafting phase that I’ll fix things in the editing phase… and that’s where I’m getting stuck. I need to treat my book like a dirty dish in a not-so-great dishwasher—it didn’t come out squeaky clean the first time? Run it through another cycle!

Wait, does anyone else do this?

So, cycling. That’s my newest scheme to getting this job done. I really want to see my books on the shelves, and soon.

7:15 pm –

I’m feeling… mooshy right now. Something in me is extremely misaligned and I just can’t explain it right now.

I’ve decided that I’m going to abandon my 100k goal for this month. I really didn’t want to do this, but I just realized that I want to focus on sorting out this whole editing process. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to write at all (I fully intend to keep writing on a regular schedule), but it does mean that I’m not going to write 50,000 words.

Like I said, I HATE doing this. It feels shitty to say I’m not going to meet a goal because I don’t want to or don’t feel like it. But right now I just have to follow my heart, which is telling me that I’m about to have a breakthrough on this editing stuff. I feel something shifting inside me, and I want to follow that urge.

There is more that I feel misaligned about, but this is enough for one day. I’ll have to keep working on the rest. We can’t always control things in life, but we can listen to ourselves as closely as we can and trust ourselves.

1 am (Oct. 25) –

I revised five scenes tonight as I watched some television. It’s been not nearly the productive day I needed, but I have tomorrow too.

And I do feel better about the editing stuff. I think this could actually work, if I turned the TV off and got serious about getting these scenes done.

Still nothing on the freelancing stuff.

Challenge: Develop a Daily Fiction Editing Habit

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Challenge: Write 100k Words of Fiction in a Month

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October (so far): 51,977 words

August total (for the last week): 17,923 words
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