Hi! My name is Monica Leonelle and I’m an independent writer and storyteller living in the beautiful city of Chicago.

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chicago pierI spend most of my time writing fiction, with some non-fiction thrown in there to keep things interesting. I’ve published over half a million fiction words across four (mostly) Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi series: SocialpunkWaters Dark and DeepEmma + Elsie, and Stars and Shadows. You can find my books basically everywhere, and I offer free ebook versions for most of my series.

All of my fiction is written through #NakedNoveling.

I also created the Get Your Book Selling Bootcamp, which helps authors get their message out into the world and make a true impact on the people who need it most.

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About Monica Leonelle (Official Bio)

chicago pier

Monica Leonelle was born in Germany and spent her childhood jet-setting around the world with her American parents. Her travels include most of the United States and Europe, as well as Guam, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the Philippines.

In 2009, she wrote her first book, Social Pollination, a social media strategy guide that has been published in English and French. In 2011, she wrote her first novel for young adults. She has since published over half a million words of fiction spread across four series, SocialpunkWaters Dark and DeepEmma + Elsie, and Stars and Shadows. You can learn more about her fiction here »

Additionally, she started the Get Your Book Selling course to help authors develop their evergreen marketing plans. Evergreen marketing = evergreen sales. It works! Learn more about Get Your Book Selling here »

After spending years as a marketing director at various start-ups, Monica helps people and companies tell their stories, establish themselves as thought leaders, and fill out the content on their websites. In the past, she’s worked with Inc. 100 companies like Hansen’s Natural, Trading Technologies, and Braintree. She specializes in copywriting, editing, and digital marketing.

(Want to work with her? She takes on a (very) small number of clients at this time. The best way to convince her is to have an amazing project that is the perfect mix of genuine creativity and business; go here to learn more »)

Monica is a lifetime member of Sigma Pi Sigma honor fraternity and was a 2007 Chicago Business Fellow, graduating with an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business at 25 years old. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Physics from Truman State University.

She’s been an avid blogger of marketing and business trends since 2007. Her ideas have been featured in AdAge, The Huffington Post, the AMEX OpenForum, GigaOm, Mashable, Social Media Today, and the Christian Science Monitor. In 2009, she was named one of the top 25 Tweeters in the city of Chicago by ChicagoNow, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune.


About This Website

Chicago pier

This website is a place where I keep track of all my work, both fiction and non-fiction. There’s a ton of behind-the-scenes content about my involved process for getting a story from my head into a book, post, e-course, or service. Through #NakedNoveling, I’m able to expose myself all the way to the edges and construct a story that spreads every time.

More specifically, this website is a resource I’m building for everyday people—CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, career-changers, students—who need to tell better stories about themselves. They may need to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry so they can promote their companies, find investors, or get top press in international publications. They may need to build a blog to drive traffic, get exposure, or find a job. They may need to sell something, learn something, or get accepted to something. In any case, they need the power of stories to help them get there. That’s where I come in.

I combine my love for storytelling, marketing, and strategy to share the best tips and techniques for spreading your story far and wide, no matter what your goals are. I draw from a wide range of sources to demonstrate how storytelling is ingrained in our lives and how you can use that to vastly improve your marketing efforts.

We all know how to tell stories; my job is to take your story to the next level. I don’t just tell stories. I specialize in telling stories that make people take action. Want to know my secrets? »


Get Your Book Selling online course

For career writers who have produced or want to produce more than one book, my Get Your Book Selling course gets down to the brass tacks of turning your hobby into a business. I start by exploring the 10 stages your audience goes through in depth, helping you identify each stage and digging into the little details that you might be struggling with to move your potential customers forward to move your book. This framework is killer for getting aligned and figuring out what you can ignore… for now, at least. After that, I share 5+ years of experience regarding sticky subjects like building a support system, feeding yourself during your upstart time, and pricing your books for the independent market.

Along the way, I share all my numbers and case studies, so you can get a strong sense of what works, what doesn’t, and when you can plan to go full time.

Get the Get Your Book Selling 7-Day Quickstart—FREE »

Learn more about Get Your Book Selling here »