I have been digging in to the Law of Attraction and one of the major concepts is about choosing love or choosing fear.

I’ve noticed in my own life that I grew up choosing fear because it was what I was taught. I did well in school because I was afraid of not getting into a good college. I gave into peer pressure because I was afraid of not having friends. I even chose to major in computer science because I was afraid of not graduating on time and not getting a good job afterward.

As I’ve gotten older, however, my actions have shifted toward love. I work on things I love. I broke the rules of marriage so I could find someone that I love. I write about things I love, regardless of whether they pay off in sales or subscribers or anything else.

But even though I’ve shifted significantly, I still act out of fear in a number of areas in my life. I still take jobs because I’m afraid I won’t have money. I still work out and eat salads because I’m afraid of getting overweight. I still avoid strangers in the city because I’m afraid of becoming a victim.

Aligning myself with love and fear at the same time, in different areas of my life, is creating a vacuum of inefficiency. Love and fear are in opposition of each other and cancel each other out when used at the same time. This is resulting in not much movement or growth in either direction.

I’ve noticed that the most successful people in the world are aligned with either love or fear as their mode of getting things done. I don’t think either is bad—they are two ways of accomplishing things. Almost all of motivation stems from either wanting to do something or doing something because you’re afraid of the consequences… so neither love or fear is a bad mode to be in.

However, I know I’ll be more efficient if I just choose one to use in all situations. Why? When opposing forces act on each other, the net result is subtraction. -5+7 = 2, even though there are 12 actual units there. 5 of them cancel out another 5 of them, and the only true movement is 2 units worth.

I really think this is happening to me right now. When I was younger, I was often successful thanks to aligning almost wholeheartedly with fear in almost everything I did. Getting older turned me on to love—but not being aligned means I’m actually accomplishing less.

I know I want to align with love—but that means two main actions:

– Start doing things out of love as opposed to fear

– Start doing things that I fear to face it head on

My journaling question for today is:

Journal Q1: What am I doing out of fear, and what am I not doing out of fear?

My answers:

– watching my diet

– obsessively watching my monthly income go up and down

– avoiding strangers and homeless people, especially at night

– waiting at crosswalks for the light to turn, even if no cars are coming

– beating myself up every time I watch a TV show

– avoiding any spending that isn’t necessary

– coming up with new profit-generating ideas

– avoiding getting on camera and talking, even though I know it could liven up my blog

– shrinking myself and my projects to things that are “manageable”

– following the rules

– avoiding sports

– dressing down to avoid attention

– avoiding getting my picture taken

– avoiding launching big

– avoiding commitment to a project

The things we do out of fear are staggering and so heavily programmed into us as the “right” way of living life. I believe that most of us can’t even distinguish when we’re truly doing things out of love or out of fear.

I know I have a lot more to uncover, but this is a starting point.

If you want to share your answers to this question, you can do it in a personal journal or share using the hashtag #amjournaling.

(I’m going to be doing little posts like this for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!)

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