I kept going back and forth on whether I was launching the course, so I checked in with the Tarot Goddess and got a reading on my burning question (really: TarotGoddess.com/tarot/bq.html).

The Prosperous Creation ecourse is all about how to smartly develop a writing career by starting at the bottom stage (Craft) and working your way up through 5 more stages until you’ve hit the sixth and final stage (Community). Along the way, there are fears to slay, goals to achieve, mindsets to shift, and products to ship.

It is basically everything I’ve learned in 7+ years of writing and selling my work online.

But it’s a huge undertaking and it takes away from other work I could be doing instead.

So I asked the Tarot Goddess, “Is the Prosperous Creation course the right thing for me to be working on right now?”

I received 7 cards back.

Three of SwordsThe first, the Three of Swords, represented my question. The sword suit represents the need to transform grief into understanding and transform painful situations into areas of personal growth. The Three of Swords in particular means a sharp pain to the heart—end of a love relationship, separation. Odd, because I wrote in my journal just the other day about this course: “I feel like it could help me close a chapter on my life.”

Five of SwordsThe second, the Five of Swords, represented obstacles or supporting influences. The Five of Swords means “arming oneself” in case of attack, lack of trust, need for self-protection. I decide that this represents my largest obstacle in creating this course—I don’t want to deal with haters or people who disagree with me. It also likely refers to my odd decision to make the course Pay What You Will, and my feelings about it—on the one hand, wanting to make the course available to everyone—on the other, wondering if people will take advantage of that and by extension, me.

Princess of Swords and StrengthThe next two cards represented my hopes and fears about the question. These were telling: The Princess of Swords and a second card, just labeled Strength. The Princess of Swords means the ability to create influence, bring understanding, and do all of it using the power of word. The Strength card is about creating peace between opposing forces. I took these two powerful goddesses as a sign that I both hope to influence others with my work and that I fear the exposure of it.
Three of Pentacles and Queen of PentaclesThe fifth and sixth cards were the Three of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles. These both offer additional information to be considered. The suit of Pentacles in general symbolizes riches contained within the earth. The Three of Pentacles means the ability to transform talents into material goods or business success, though the card says that cooperating with others is a must. The Queen of Pentacles means creating prosperity and harmony, though it requires a woman who is nurturing and accepting. These two likely refers to my business goals, and my recent but radical shift toward not chasing money in any form. I’ve kind of wondered if this course will bring me money, though I think my reasons for doing it are greater than that—I’ll take these two cards as a very good sign there are at least some riches at the end of this well, regardless of the form they show up in.

Seven of CupsAnd the last card, which is supposed to provide the answer, was the Seven of Cups. This card means, “Overindulging in thoughts of what the future may bring. Daydreams. A choice is needed, a decision made in order to move forward and rejoin the world.”

I wasn’t sure what to do with that—it felt like a bit of a cop out on the question. The first part likely refers to Law of Attraction stuff, which is about visualizing a brighter future. If I’m overindulging, does that mean I’m going to far with it?

A choice is needed, a decision made. My choice is to keep moving forward until I hit a “no” or find some evidence that I’m not on the right path.

I know what so many people will think when they read this: “tarot readings? You’re basing a decision on that?”

But the truth of tarot is and always has been that the interpretation can be anything—it comes from within, not from the cards. It’s a way to have a conversation with yourself and your heart’s desires, just like journaling is. I use tarot to have this conversation with myself—it almost always confirms what I already sense to be true.

Journal Q3: What does your heart say?

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(I’m going to be doing little posts like this for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!)

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