8:00 am –

Got out of bed, showered, dressed. The westie was up so I took care of her with a walk and feeding. I made some tea in hopes that I could get to my computer and start by 9.

When I delivered the tea to P in bed, we started talking about scheduling for this week because we’re going to a wedding out-of-town, and there is a ton that needs to happen before that. I had planned to leave this task for later on today, but P had a lot of questions, and I tend to get anxiety over this type of stuff, so I figured why not just get it out of the way so I can free up my mind to write?

Took care of all this, did laundry, got some food, etc. It’s amazing how long these little things take.

10:30 am-ish –

Finally back to the computer under my writing account. Today has convinced me that my warm-up pomodoro should be the first thing I do in the morning, before getting roped into all this other stuff. Because then, if the day gets away from me, I’ve at least gotten some words in.

I picked the Prologue of Unbound, which is from Kennedy’s POV. I had visualized the scene in my mind back when I beat it out originally, so I figured it would be an easy get for the morning.

But… I wrote for 30 minutes and got down 719 words, which is absolutely poking along for me. Poking almost always means I don’t know what is happening in the scene, even though I had it beaten out. Then it hit me—this scene has a lot of Nephilim world-building, which I haven’t done much of yet in my series.

Bleh, I hate poking along. I especially hate it this morning because I wanted to see improved numbers over yesterday. Oh well.

I set the scene aside and probably won’t get back to it until later today or tomorrow, in the hopes that my subconscious will do the world-building I need it to.

I need a change of scenery after warm-up and head out into our bookshelf room, which is supposed to be a dining room but isn’t because it doesn’t have a dining room table. It has lots and lots of books arranged neatly on shelves, and two recliners. I put the westie on one and get settled in the other, then eek out a ton of emails, dealing with freelance client stuff and planning for the wedding we’re going to. Coordination is one of my biggest time wasters and least favorite things to do, in general.

1:15 pm –

I look at my fiction to-do list and prioritize a few things that would make me feel like I made progress today (since the day isn’t looking particularly productive so far). I decide on 3 priorities:

  • Finishing up the last beats on Trinity, which will free me up to start beats on the 4th book, Fallen, and also allow me to write the main story of Trinity, which is all from Kennedy’s and Thessa’s POVs. Kennedy’s sections are hard, so I’m not even going to attempt those scenes without knowing where everything is going.
  • Some clean up on book #2 of my series under a pen name. The draft has been done for awhile but there are some pesky continuity issues that I need to fix before editing.
  • Drafting up the last few scenes on Unbound, since that will put it into edits as well. These scenes are mostly from Pilot’s perspective, and also require world-building, so it might be more of a world-building day than a fast drafting day.

At this point, I honestly don’t expect to beat my word count from yesterday, so it feels like a good day to do beating and continuity stuff instead. The continuity will still require writing, but I probably won’t keep track of my time, just my word count for these.

Also, to be clear, this isn’t my to-do list for the day. Some of it may run into tomorrow or the next, especially if I get really bored or stuck on it. And especially if I start momentarily hating it.

I know a lot of people don’t get why I think like this. They think, “push through on the top things on your priority list first. You have to force yourself to do things you hate sometimes.”

I honestly don’t understand how people live like that, but then, a lot of people hate their jobs and lives because they are unaligned, so it’s not completely surprising.

My thought process is: There’s not much point in trying to do creative work when you are really hating your story or the task at hand because you are going to go insanely slow at it. Your time will be spent inefficiently. Also, the work is likely going to suck, the same way a run would produce poor results if you were deathly ill and completely out of energy.

To me, it’s more efficient to shift gears, make progress on something enjoyable and energizing, then come back to the task with a fresh perspective. Neil Gaiman has a post on this (you have to scroll down to “I blew a deadline recently.”) that can maybe explain this phenomenon more elegantly than I can.

10:15 pm –

The day has passed in a complete blur, with little more fiction-writing getting done. I doubt I’m going to get any more in today, aside from some edits I want to finish.

What I did get done during the time period (aside from eating dinner, hanging out with P, doing chores, watching TV, and taking care of my dog) was figuring out the rest of Trinity with beats. I could tell the book was missing something… and wow. What ended up happening was a new storyline that really amps up the whole series to thriller status. Kennedy’s character has taken on a life of her own, which both excites me and scares the shit out of me!

So now that there are some big revelations in book 3, I have to consider my plans for books 4 & 5 moving forward. Because the bottom line is, I still have to get to the same place by the end of book 5. The ending can’t change. But while I was only going to use Kennedy as a viewpoint character for book 3, I definitely think she might have more story to tell… not sure how to resolve it all just yet.

I also wonder how people will receive her if she becomes too much of a main character. My friend and critique partner, Susan, really likes Kennedy. So do I. But is she a worthy supporting lead? So hard to say. The reality is that I need to take another look at Fallen and Hellfire to make sure I’m tying up loose ends that I’ve opened in book 3.

Seriously, great fun though.

I’m off to take care of some more client work and chores that need to get done before our cleaning lady comes tomorrow.

1:00 am –

I never go to bed this late. I shipped off a few articles of the 18 (!!!) that I need to send out this week for clients. Now that I’ve counted them up, I probably need to step up production. I won’t make it at this rate.

I’m hoping that tomorrow is much more productive than today was. I read somewhere that Mondays are when you create your to-do list and Tuesdays are when you crank through it… here’s to looking at an awesome Tuesday of writing!

Challenge: Develop a Daily Fiction Writing Habit

Today: 719 words

This week: 7887 words