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I’m a full-time author and I’ve been writing in a lot of genres for many years, but my truest love is young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I’ve been working on my first big series since 2009, and it’s finally headed out into the world in a BIG way. So we’re celebrating!

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The Waters Dark and Deep series tells a story that’s been in my heart and played out in my dreams for the past seven years. The first few books in the series are ready to go, and I’ve done everything in my power to make sure this is an AMAZING story.

Waters Dark and Deep 1 - Instruments of the AngelsBrie van Rossum is still recovering from her mother’s death when she discovers that she is a Hallow, a descendant of humans and archangels.


But she’s not just any Hallow. She’s one of the last daughters of Michael—like Milena, her mother. And now, she doesn’t know which of her new supernatural acquaintances she can trust.


As she pulls back the veil on the supernatural world, she learns that not only has she inherited Milena’s powers, but her enemies as well—and now that Milena’s protection has worn off, those enemies are headed toward her to wipe out the daughters of Michael for good.


Untrained and unsure of herself, she must navigate her mother’s omissions and half-truths to keep her identity secret, unite her allies, and most importantly, stay alive.


A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… Instruments of the Angels is the first book in Waters Dark and Deep, a young adult urban fantasy series by Monica Leonelle (recommended for teens 14+).

Our Angels & Vampires YA Book Giveaway celebrates the beauty and depth of our newest series. I picked two added gifts for the grand prize winner with beauty in mind…

Angel Festival ScarfImagine yourself as an angel in this gorgeous scarf. The beautiful wings on this huge wrap will fire your imagination.

Or feel like a vampire in the blutengil, featured at the top of this page, a handmade necklace with a blood-red center and wings.

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