Emma + Elsie started from a basic premise—what if two of my favorite Jane Austen characters, Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennet, were best friends in modern times?

 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a women in possession of a good piece of gossip, must be in want of her best friend.

Heartwarming, feminine, and laugh-out-loud funny, Emma + Elsie is a story about a surprising friendship between two girls as they celebrate the end of their teen years and promise never to grow apart.

For fans of Jane Austen, Emma + Elsie is a serialized, modern mashup and retelling of Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

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How It’s Delivered

Emma + Elsie is published roughly every week (with a few breaks in-between) from July 15th through December 15th 2014, until all books are completed. Each book is approximately 30,000 words or 135 pages. The files are available for download in the following formats: PDF, .ePub (for most ereaders), and .mobi (for Kindle ereaders).

In between publications, you’ll also receive blog updates and extra scenes that are only for fans. These extra scenes will not be posted anywhere else!

Every once in awhile, you’ll be invited to a live, exclusive Q&A Google+ Hangout with the authors, where you can ask questions about the series and learn surprising behind-the-scenes stuff about the books.

To recap:

  • All 18 books as individual files in PDF, .ePub, and .mobi for easy reading (value: $80.82)
  • Extra bonus and deleted scenes that are exclusive to this offer—not found anywhere else!
  • Live, exclusive Q&A Google+ Hangouts with the authors once a month to talk about Emma + Elsie

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What It’s About

Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy

The serial starts with an introduction to Emma Woodhouse and Elsie Bennet, plus an entire cast of players, including Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Mary Bennet, Jace Knightley, Chuck and Caroline Bingley, Mr. and Mrs. Hurst, Mrs. Goddard, Harriet Smith, Annabeth Taylor, Mr. Weston, Lacey Bates, and more.


Emma and Elsie live in the sleepy Louisiana town of Rosebelle, located just 30 minutes south of the River Road. They have just graduated from high school and are enjoying their summer before freshman year at Louisiana State University when they meet Fitzwilliam Darcy, who throws them both completely for a loop.

In between weddings, graduation parties, and The Belle of Roses summer event, they deal with the Bingley party hanging around town and the oddities surrounding the family—particularly the mystery of Fitz Darcy.

Emma + Elsie Head To New Orleans

Summer kicks into high gear when the largest high school football camp in the country rolls into town, throwing the younger Bennet sisters into a tizzy.


Emma and Elsie are drawn away to New Orleans to deal with a larger problem with the eldest Bennet sister. While there, the girls try to set up Harriet Smith with PJ Elton—will Harriet secure her spot with the popular kids by becoming his girlfriend?

Emma + Elsie Have Family in Town

Emma’s sister Bella Knightley is in town for the 4th of July, with her husband and children in tow! This complicates her relationship with Jace as they spend the holidays together, trying not to get at each other’s throats!


Elsie’s cousin Will Collins is in town and driving her crazy! She escapes from the insanity of her family and into the arms of handsome George Wickham—but is a distraction what she needs right now?

Emma + Elsie Head to Baton Rouge

Charlotte Lucas has made a serious mess of her life—but she’ll always be Elsie’s childhood best friend. When the girls go to Baton Rouge to visit her in her new life, they realize that maybe they were wrong to question her decisions.


Emma is having trouble adjusting to the prospect of going to school in Baton Rouge come fall, until she meets the charming Frank Churchill, who shows her around and eases her worries about leaving Rosebelle. But when Jane Fairfax shows up, will she be able to hold his attention?

Emma + Elsie Face Their Mistakes

Emma and Elsie have both made mistakes with people in their lives, and now it’s time to right them.


Emma reconciles with Lacey Bates, while Elsie faces Fitz’s sister, Georgie Darcy, when they go on a tour of her home.

Emma + Elsie Say Goodbye to Rosebelle

Scandal strikes the Bennet household when the youngest daughter, Lydia, runs off with someone from Elsie’s past!


Emma is sick of seeing the Bennet sisters be so passive—so she uses her matchmaking skills to solve their boy troubles. But can she solve her own, too?

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