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Hallowed (Waters Dark and Deep #1)

waters-dark-and-deep-hallowed2The van Rossum siblings have lost their mother, but little do they know that all her secrets died with her.

Secrets about her magical origins. Secrets that could get them killed.

Brie van Rossum has always been the baby of the family, until she discovers that she is a Hallow, a descendant of humans and archangels. Oh, and that everything her mother has ever told her is a lie. Now, she has to protect her family and there is no room for error; if she makes a single mistake she could lose everything, including the people she loves. But the people who claim they can help her have their own motives, and she has no idea who to trust as she navigates her new reality.

Pilot van Rossum feels like his life is spinning out of control. His mother has passed away recently, his family is constantly hounded by the media, and he can’t figure out how to control his younger sister. He turns to a beautiful stranger for solace and quickly becomes wrapped up in her world. But she has her own demons, demons that threaten to come between them unless Pilot can change her mind.

A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… Hallowed is the first book in Waters Dark and Deep, a sexy new young adult urban fantasy series by Monica Leonelle (recommended for mature teens 14+).

Socialpunk (Socialpunk #1)

Socialpunk-1Ima is just a teenage girl trying to make it in The Dome, an encapsulated, 5-mile radius of downtown Chicago that remains after natural disaster has overtaken most of the earth. When she meets a hooded figure named Vaughn at a party, he takes her on a whirlwind escape that jolts her from her current reality into Silicon City, where humans are upgraded, currency is clout, and bionic eyes are the only way to get information among the glass and metal spiraling buildings that dot the skyline. Oh, and the year is 2198, not 2052 like she thought it was.

But this new city comes with dangers of its own, from degenerates to replications, from hostile hashes to a dictator who seems determined to control the population. To top it all off, Ima has to find some way to get back to The Dome to save her best friend Dash before the powers of Silicon City find a way to destroy it.

Can she survive the future long enough to fix the past? Socialpunk is the first book in the Socialpunk Trilogy, a young adult cyberpunk series by Monica Leonelle (recommended for mature teens 14+).

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For career writers who have produced or want to produce more than one book, my Get Your Book Selling course gets down to the brass tacks of turning your hobby into a business. I start by exploring the 10 stages your audience goes through in depth, helping you identify each stage and digging into the little details that you might be struggling with to move your potential customers forward to move your book. This framework is killer for getting aligned and figuring out what you can ignore… for now, at least. After that, I share 5+ years of experience regarding sticky subjects like building a support system, feeding yourself during your upstart time, and pricing your books for the independent market.

Along the way, I share all my numbers and case studies, so you can get a strong sense of what works, what doesn’t, and when you can plan to go full time.

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