Your Book Doesn't Exist Unless It's Selling...

So jumpstart your sales with a simple, easy-to-implement marketing plan that works.

Let me guess: this is not your first rodeo when it comes to marketing your message.

I know you have an amazing message to share with with the world. That's why you've either written your book or you're in the process of writing it, because you are trying to influence a group of people with a big idea.

But even though you've nailed that big idea, for whatever reason, your book hasn't taken off in a big way.

You've planned book launch events, talked about your book on Facebook, created a website, run huge discount sales, lined up stellar blurbs and 5-star reviews, and put together promotional campaigns, but they haven't generated the major interest you need to get the ball rolling.

Or, even if you've gotten a handful of signups or sales, it hasn't lasted in the long-term. And obviously, you can't keep posting the same message on social media, or run a new promotion every week to maintain those results!

Not only does the marketing drain your energy and take away from your writing time, it also makes you feel terrible when people don't buy your book! You've invested so much and put your heart and soul into creating and sharing this book with the world, but at times, it feels like no one cares.

You're stuck. You see people tweeting about their books five times a day and it's such a turn off. You know you're not a professional marketer and you don't want to be "that guy" who annoys readers or comes across as desperate for sales.

All you want is for your awesome work to speak for itself so you can spend the rest of your days living your dream of reading, writing, and continuing to create inspirational content for your readers.

Your dream is actually within reach... all you have to do is set up a simple marketing system that actually works.

Here's the thing—you can live your dream of reading and writing right NOW, while also implementing one-time marketing tactics that work, spending only 15 minutes a day.

It doesn't have to be hard, it doesn't have to annoy people, and it doesn't have to be a huge time commitment.

It does need to bring in more sales than you are currently getting, because the income you earn will enable you to create more inspiring content and write another book.

When you get this simple marketing plan into place, you will suddenly:
  1. Grow your audience painlessly while writing your next book
  2. Wake up knowing exactly what you need to accomplish next on your book marketing to-do list.
  3. Feel excited, aligned, and in a complete state of flow—even if you have a family, a day job, or other major responsibilities
  4. Feel confident that you are doing the exact right things to grow your writing business efficiently.
  5. Watch your earnings from writing grow steadily
  6. Jump forward leaps and bounds compared to the baby steps you were taking before—with LESS effort than before.

Marketing doesn't have to be time-consuming, painful, gross, or a complete crapshoot.

After working with a number of authors on their book marketing strategies, I've identified the top three reasons that authors struggle to sell more books:
  1. Not Marketing While Writing the First Book (or Next Book) - You may have heard the phrase "Would I be better off writing?" (WIBBOW) and assumed that your time is best spent creating another book. But the truth is that writing a book is NOT a marketing strategy on its own, but a small piece of a larger set of tactics you should be using. Your book will not sell itself, period, which is why you must build your audience WHILE you're writing your book, rather than afterward.
  2. Not Knowing Where to Put Marketing Resources (Too Much Hasn't Worked in the Past) - There's a ton of confusing advice out there about marketing a book, and a lot of it isn't qualified. That means you could be trying tactics that don't work for your book or don't work for where you are in your career. My system bypasses this issue by qualifying the who, when, and where to use every single tactic I share with you.
  3. Relying Too Heavily on Event-Based Marketing Tactics Instead of Evergreen Marketing Tactics - If you've relied on events, discounts, and short-term promotions to sell more books, you are likely stuck in a feast or famine sales cycle. Instead, let's build an evergreen marketing campaign that keeps bringing in the sales for years to come!
The solution to all three of these problems is to follow a systematic marketing system that you only implement once, but that gives you incremental and steady book sales for years to come.

When you implement the Get Your Book Selling evergreen marketing plan, you'll have steady sales, a growing fan base, and plenty of time left over to do what you're best at—the writing!

What Industry Experts Say About Monica:

"Put a method to the madness..."

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.54.13 PM"Monica has always intuitively understood how to create buzz and enthusiasm for a message and she generously shares her secrets of success. She encourages putting a method to the madness in order to gain long-term traction.

I highly recommend Monica to anyone who's looking for a little extra guidance in navigating this confusing and exciting digital landscape."

- Alexandra Levit, author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College and New York Times syndicated columnist

"Monica knows her shit..."

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.57.45 PM

"Monica knows her shit and her marketing funnels look great! She's a pro."

- Sean Platt, author of Yesterday's Gone, The Beam, and The Dream Engine

"Holistic understanding of how to execute campaigns..."

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.56.38 PM
"In a world of everyone calling themselves marketing experts, and with advice being published on blogs every day, Monica will make sure you have a holistic understanding of how to execute your campaigns and come out ahead!"

- Yu-kai Chou, gamification expert


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Why I Created This Course

I truly believe that artists can change the world with their words.

Every great scientist, philospher, and creator, from Aristotle to Einstein to Steve Jobs, was influenced by books—big ideas that people like you and me immortalized through text.

But the only way those big ideas can reach the minds of the next greats is if the author makes their message known to the world.

We live in a time when if your book isn't selling, it may as well not exist. Books are meant to be read and ideas are meant to be spread, and that means that we, as authors, must do absolutely everything in our power to get our words into the hands of potential readers.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."
~ Robin Williams

Most of what I share in this course comes from my personal experience implementing and testing these strategies and tactics on my own books. All of this is told in my authentic, no-holds-barred way complete with my templates, sales figures, strategic insights, and more (I put it all on the table).

Everything else in the course comes from my personal experiences of earning money online for 7+ years through blogging, writing, and consulting, through creating copy for some of the biggest brands in the world including, Hansen's Natural, and Laura Mercier cosmetics, and through doing several stints as the Marketing Director at multiple companies (the last of which recently sold to Paypal for a huge, $800 million payout—woohoo!).

I'm not going to share outdated tactics or things that won't work for you, because that's a waste of your time and mine. I'm also not going to sell you on an instant get-rich-quick scheme in order to fill my own pockets, because… well, first, because eww, and second, because you are a smart, motivated individual who understands that success involves a few parts each of work, fun, consistency, and patience.

I created this course because I experienced firsthand the same pain and stress that you may be experiencing now, and I wanted to share something that could truly make a difference in your life and your approach to your art.

My way is not the easiest way, but it's also not the hardest; it's not the  fastest way, but it's also quite efficient; it's not the most low-key way but it's also extremely ethical; it's not the only way but it's also a great way to start with and build on.

I guarantee that if you use even 10% of this course, you will see sales movement on your book. The opportunity is literally right here, a button click away—will you take it?

What Industry Experts Say About Monica:


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.00.19 PM"You've already taught me so much..."

"I wanted to self-publish a book, and Jay told me that you are the queen of this. Wow, amazing. You have already taught me so much. Thanks!"

~ Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist

"Excited and motivated to get back to writing..."

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.33.29 PM"Yay! I was so excited and motivated by your content that I wanted to get back to writing right away. I have so much respect for you as a writer, and I'm happy to note how your suggestions will make the the story spread."

~ Susan Pogorzelski, author of Gold in the Days of Summer, winner of the 2014 International Rubery Book Award for Best Children's Book

"Best-in-class superstar!"

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.59.31 PM

"Monica's writing skills are really incredible and I knew from the start that she would be extremely successful. Among her good qualities are her persistence and her passion for all things marketing, technology, and branding. I recommend her to anyone looking to get a best-in-class superstar!"

- Dan Schawbel, New York Times & WSJ Bestselling Author of Promote Yourself, Forbes & Inc. 30 Under 30

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In the 4-week Get Your Book Selling online course, I'll show you how to:

  1. Create a hands-off system to bring new readers to your email list and give them what they really want once they're there
  2. Start marketing your book before you publish it (works for fiction too—really)
  3. Inject some organic marketing into your manuscript without coming across as sleazy or salesy (works for fiction too—really)
  4. Increase sales of your debut work while you write your next book
  5. Increase 4- and 5-star reviews of your debut work while you write your next book (in completely ethical ways that don't make you feel icky)
  6. Set a pricing strategy for your book that puts money in your pocket instead of Amazon's
  7. Lay a solid, 100% economy-proof foundation of marketing support around your first book that will keep it attracting readers, even through book industry changes
  8. Launch or relaunch your book with serious style and a shoestring budget (even if the first launch didn't go so well)
  9. Get a reasonable promotions schedule together so you can keep your book's momentum going long after the launch
  10. Have fun and feel good while implementing each of these marketing tactics—because it doesn't have to be painful or scary (I'll show you how)

The Course Curriculum

In the course, I focus on the 4 areas of marketing that every author needs to hit to build a solid foundation of marketing for the book:

Module 1: Get Your Sales Funnel System In Place (And Build Those Sales Effortlessly For Years To Come)

All the systems you need in place to keep your book selling 3, 6, and 12 months from now. We focus on evergreen tactics that won't go out of style when the industry changes, so this section is almost entirely set it and forget it.

And if you have these systems in place already, I'll give you dozens of ideas to improve your offerings and conversion rates at every step of the way.

Module 2: Drive Traffic To Your Sales Funnel (Without Going Crazy)

Choose one of the four top traffic-driving strategies and start crackin'! This section is all about sending potential readers into the top of your sales funnel so they automatically recieve your sales and marketing materials in the perfect order to make a purchase decision.

Module 3: Inject the Marketing Into Your Manuscript (Without Compromising Quality or Selling Out)

The 12 copywriting mechanisms that can really help your manuscript sing (this works for fiction too!) and the 4 storytelling areas that are crucial to nail in your book (this works for non-fiction too!)

You can implement most of these techniques without changing your story, sacrificing your integrity, or generalizing your art!

Module 4: Build Momentum With Launches, Promotions, and Other Events (Even if You Haven't Found Your Audience Yet)

My first book launch added 750+ readers to my email list and 75+ 4- and 5-star reviews to my book, so I know it's possible!

In this module, we'll talk about how to incorporate virality and word-of-mouth into your launch so you aren't doing all the work yourself, as well as other simple promotions you can run throughout the year that won't have you tearing your hair out!



Bonus #1: Get More Readers Now

My best information on landing pages (aka squeeze pages), interactive forms, killer autoresponder sequences, and easy offers that only take 15 minutes to put together (but net 100’s of emails per month).

I’ll also share information on partnerships, swaps, guest posts, webinars, and, outreach, which once got me nearly 1000 subscribers in a single month.

Bonus #2: Get More Reviews Now

I once ran a campaign that netted me 75+ 4- and 5-star reviews on on a new pen name with no audience—all in one month. How? I used the same principles I used on B2C campaigns for soda, makeup, and alcohol during my days in corporate—and they are so easy that any author can implement them, including you.

(Pair these strategies with a launch and you will kill it!)

Bonus #3: The Create Diary

This is my personal no-holds-barred documentary of what I’m doing in my business right now. I share what’s working, what’s not, my successes, my struggles, and everything in between.



Successful authors like you and I are always learning and always looking for new ways to improve our game. When your book doesn't get the sales you want it to, it has nothing to do with ambition, hard work, or even talent!

In fact, you can be an amazing writer, have great covers, have an awesome website, and receive raving, 5-star reviews, BUT still not see the sales you expect and deserve.

When you implement the Get Your Book Selling evergreen marketing plan, you'll have steady sales, a growing fan base, and you'll be able to get back to the writing that you love.

I've spent 7+ years learning the techniques I share in this course and paid over $100,000 to study graduate-level business at one of the top schools in the country.

I've also guest lectured on these topics at a number of undergraduate and graduate-level institutions. If I were to teach this course at the University of Chicago or Chicago Booth School of Business, where I studied, it would cost over $6000, and we likely wouldn't even have time to cover half the topics!

I'm giving you this information for less than 10% of the amount an institution would charge you, and I've personally earned over 10x the investment of the course in the last 6 months alone.

Now, of course, I have to warn you that this works best for:
  1. Writers with BIG goals for the impact they want to have on the world
  2. Writers who believe in their books and aren't going to give up on them for several years
  3. Writers who are serious about making a full-time living with their books
If you've been sensing for awhile that you are meant to write, teach, and share stories through books, you've come to the right place.

But it doesn't happen by accident—you have to take action and get the support you need to market your book properly while still respecting your time, energy, and limited resources.

And here's a little secret about dreams: fast action is always rewarded. So if being an author is your dream, take action now.

Guaranteed. Period.


If you want to be a career writer, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, blogging, or a combination, this course is for you.

I left everything I know about marketing on the table in this course—every tip, every trick, every great idea I've come up with, learned or seen in the past 7 years in this business. There's no second course or additional product to sell; this is all I have to give, and anything else I learn along the way will go straight into making this course more and more valuable for you.

I'm confident that the Get Your Book Selling ecourse will change your entire outlook on this journey you're on, produce dozens of aha moments, and improve your business and writing strategies immensely.

I have a 100% money back guarantee—If you aren't ecstatic about the course, I'll give you your money back. No deadline. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a book on sale to start this course?
Is this useful for authors with multiple books out?
What is the time commitment for the course?
I respect your time and energy, which is why throughout the entire course, I won't just tell you what you can do (important) but also tell you what you shouldn't worry about (more important) and what you shouldn't worry about right now (most important!). 
I understand that you just need to focus on the stuff that is going to work for you over the next 3-6 months, and save the rest of it for later—and I'm wholeheartedly on your side.
Rest assured that I've designed this course to maximize your efforts and strengths while minimizing the stuff that has a ridiculously long payoff or that is only going to give you flash in the pan results.