I wanted this blog to be my comeback. I wanted to build a name for myself this year. But for some reason, I couldn’t do it under this name, not when I’ve mixed up my love for creating fiction with my career as a marketing consultant.

I think this is my fiction blog.

I’m excited about that, because I think I can write about anything to promote my fiction. Meaning that, I don’t think there is anything that promotes fiction aside from people reading said fiction and then wanting more. Which gives me a lot of leeway on this blog.

I’m inspired by John Scalzi’s Whatever blog. I have never read his books, but I might, someday, because I enjoy his blog (even though I often don’t agree with it).

I read somewhere that he started blogging every day to become a better writer. But I think I want to start blogging every day for other reasons:

It makes me happier

I had this blog a long time ago, when I was 23, called TwentySet. I came home from work every day and wrote a new blog post. Most of them were complete crap, but I remember loving it all the same—it was the first time I really fell in love with writing and blogging, and the act of putting my thoughts out there every day saved my life.

It forces me to share what I find interesting

I used to love Chicago because it had an exciting nightlife. I spent a lot of time going out—movies, dinners, drinks, dancing. But now, I mostly stay in with Han Solo, which has garnered me (us) the label of “boring.”

My life feels more exciting than ever, though. I’m working on things that actually matter and building something that could influence a person’s life. I’m creating a future for myself. But I’m not good at telling people in my life what I’m up to. I want to be better.

It helps me track my progress

Working for myself is challenging, but the most important thing I’ve learned about it is to make progress every day. It always feels like I’m not moving fast enough, not capitalizing on enough opportunities, and not getting enough done. But writing it down will help me remember to appreciate how far I’ve come in the midst of wishing I’d gotten further.

I believe blogging every day could change my life the way it has before, and I like the idea of not having a topic or goals or a plan for what I want this blog to be. I’ve always said that people who want to start a blog should stop worrying about a topic and just write about what they are learning, and even after five years, I haven’t changed my mind.

This blog is about what I’m learning. It’s a blog playground.

I am so looking forward to playing.

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