12:00 pm –

I have felt so off the last few weeks. Something isn’t right. And I can’t explain what it is.

I’m getting through revisions slowly, I think because I’m so bored by them. When I actually pause the television for a moment, I can get through them quickly. I’m sure if I timed myself, I’d go a lot faster too.

I’m eating like crazy, which is always a sure sign of stress, boredom, procrastination.

I want to walk again tomorrow.

I hate when things don’t feel right.

I’m making a list of what I need to do today. I’ll see if that helps.

I’ve noticed a pattern in my work. If I don’t get the pre-work done, the work doesn’t happen. For example, I have no beats right now. Which means I can’t walk. I have no beats because I’m too far ahead in writing three different series, and haven’t caught up on edits.

So I need to either start a new series (yay) or get the edits done, or both. Probably both.

The two books I have ready for Kindle edits need to be cycled—the Kindle edits need to be added to Scrivener, the Scrivener file needs to be recompiled, and then I’ll be able to cycle back through the document on Kindle.

And if I can move my draft of the third series onto Kindle, I can do that while I’m cycling through my other edits.

I think my biggest problem right now is flow. Everything would be flowing if I planned correctly. But it’s not because I don’t have the pre-work done on a variety of things.

I think the first place to start is making a list of the pre-work. Get through those items, get through to the work, get everything humming along again at a rapid clip.

Get unstuck.

Get happy and productive again.

Solve all my problems.

Get a perfect life.

Okay, not the last one!

11:30 pm –

Cycling is going so slowly. It doesn’t help that I’m bored out of my mind and have the television on in the background. It’s just so hard to get through these edits! And boring. Did I mention boring?

I’ve put this and a few other things (like revisions) on my list of stuff to outsource, ASAP.

The good news is that I started outlines for 5 freelance articles. I’m hoping to press forward on those today, too. The psychological barriers to getting this started were ridiculous, but I’m glad it’s finally moving forward.

As slow as the progress is, I feel like I’m FINALLY making it on editing and freelancing.

I think letting go of the word count goal was an important step.

But my concern is that I won’t be able to do it all at once, which is what I need.

Challenge: Develop a Daily Fiction Editing Habit

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