#NakedNoveling is the art of journaling your book into existence. It works!

How? I teach writers to use journaling techniques specific to advancing their novel’s plot, characters, setting, and theme. Through my unique process, you’ll be writing your book out loud in order to find it through connecting ideas, inspiration, and research.

Why do this instead of writing your novel the old-fashioned way, one word after the other? The benefits include:

Planning and writing your novel with ease and flow

You aren’t pushing your fingers to the keyboard, forcing out words, but rather trusting a simple process to reveal elements of your novel to you in time. My process works, and I’ve used it on a number of novels from various genres. I’ve published five books in the last five months and drafted an additional five more that are waiting on edits.

Connecting with new readers

Ever struggled with finding an audience for your work? Ever wondered how to blog as a fiction author? This is the easiest and most fluid way to build an audience. By putting yourself out there, showing vulnerability, and revealing the behind-the-scenes of your process before the book is even out, you can skyrocket your sales!

Imagine having access to the bonus features of a Blu-Ray before the moving even hits theaters—would you be more interested to see the movie? A lot of people would, because there’s a softening that happens when people become more familiar with a new idea. We humans are creatures of habit, and we like to consume what we already know we’ll like. We also love to buy things that took a lot of hard work. By revealing these aspects of your project, you can begin the relationship with your readers early on, so they are ready to consume when your book comes out.

Deepening your relationship with current fans

A true fan always wants more, and this is the best way to give it to them. Even if you already have a strong following, your fans will no doubt love to see what’s going on behind that curtain. #NakedNoveling is the best way to give it to them.

So how do you get started?

I’ve put together a short overview to get you up and rolling with #NakedNoveling. It’s a surprisingly simple process!

Step 1: Find your first puzzle piece

Some stories start with a whisper. All you need is one piece—a quote, a memory, a question, a “what if” scenario—to get started. Find your one piece and expose it. You can post it on your blog, your Tumblr, or your favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) Use the hashtag #NakedNoveling to get some eyes on it. Once you post it, your book is real. It has entered the world. Congratulations!

Step 2: Use your one piece as a starting point to find more pieces

How? It’s really easy. Spend five minutes writing down any questions or related thoughts you can think of related to your one piece, similar to what you might do with mind mapping. If you have a quote, for example, write down what type of person would say something like that, would respond to something like that? What does it say about that person? Or you could take another direction, and try to identify the themes of the quote. Love and hate, good vs. evil, growing up, starting new adventures?

Every time you find a new piece, post it using the #NakedNoveling hashtag. Do this every day, consistently, and within a few weeks, you will have enough pieces to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Start assembling the puzzle

Take a look at all the pieces you’ve found. It’s time to lay them out and take baby steps to solving the puzzle. Divide your pieces into four categories: plot, character, theme, and setting/world-building. Now is the time to expand your little pieces into big pieces, letting them grow organically as you learn more and more about your story and form connections between your scraps.

Each of your categories will inform the others, and each of your pieces will help you generate more pieces. Keep sharing under #NakedNoveling as you put it all together. By this time, you will have a small audience of followers, eager to see where you’ll take all of this. Use their enthusiasm as fuel to take your novel from the planning stage to the writing stage to the publishing stage!

Step 4 (optional): Fully embrace #NakedNoveling and declare yourself!

Once you’ve gotten the feel for #NakedNoveling, you can take the ecourse, which covers each of the first three steps + more in significant detail. In it, I:

  • cover all the building blocks of storytelling (helpful if you haven’t yet written a novel and are just starting out)
  • go over the logistics and tools of #NakedNoveling with both pen and paper and digitally (with lots of suggestions about how journaling your book into existence can work for you)
  • share dozens of activities that will help you uncover pieces of your project
  • provide a list of 40+ piece types that I share every day in my #NakedNoveling work (stuff like images of each character, character diaries, song lyrics, snippets of draft, etc.)
  • provide a solid foundation for working consistently through your novel, even when it gets tough
  • dispel the myths of writing that may be holding you back from achieving greatness!
  • get into the nitty gritty of technical terms like “scenes and sequels” and “motivation reaction units” and make them simple to understand and easy to incorporate into your novel
  • reveal my secrets to writing amazing fiction quickly
  • share my complete frameworks for plotting, world-building, and characterization for a variety of genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, literature, and romance

You can learn more about the Naked Noveling ecourse here, and it’s follow-up, the Naked Earning ecourse, here.

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