It’s Thursday! Where did the week go?

Patrick had off today and tomorrow so we took a bike trip north, to Montrose Beach, thinking that we could avoid the July 4th crowds.

Now, I’m not much of a biker—or a fan of any activity that threatens a good hair day—but Patrick loves to bike and I like making him happy, and the weather was gorgeous so we went.

Here are my rules for biking:

  • Wear a dress. Yoga shorts or a tasteful swimsuit underneath will help you avoid awkward dismounts.
  • Have cute bike accessories. Minty green city Schwinn, Bright purple Berr helmet, cute side basket for your Dooney and Burke bucket handbag
  • Ride somewhere pretty. A lake, beach, or bike path will do nicely.

We grabbed some margaritas and stole a few hours of sand and sun while we read and talked and listened to this hilariously terrible 80’s cover band at The Dock.

We got home around 9pm and hung out with the dog, ordered a pizza, and watched the season finale of Silicon Valley.

Basically a perfect day in my book!

(By the way, is it just me, or is that show horribly overrated?)

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Progress, Wins, and Misses

It wasn’t technically a work day today, but I’m sneaky and managed to get some stuff done anyway. How? I pulled Socialpunk onto my Kindle so I could edit on the go! Chapters below…

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Notable Trends and Results

As you know, I’m working on my Naked Noveling ecourse. I’m going to go through the steps I’m taking to create this course today, so you can see how it’s coming together.

I wanted to do a really small launch, only accepting a maximum of 10 people into the course for the first round. This is because I really do need to test my ideas a bit more one-on-one and because I don’t have time or energy for a real launch right now.

This means keeping the launch somewhat private, to my email list and a few close-knit writer groups I’m in.

I decided I want to give myself until mid-August to create the content, but that I wanted to start testing the content this month with live events. For these events, I’ll create some of the content and then use a mastermind/Q&A format to expand those ideas.

People who sign up for the live events will get the masterminding AND the eventual course, all for significantly less than the final product will cost (~60% off). This is because they’ll be giving me feedback that helps me tailor the content to best help them.

Below I’m sharing:

  • live events, email, pricing, and marketing schedules
  • structure and outline of the content
  • tools and delivery methods I’m using
  • the strategy behind the entire setup

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The Final Word

Happy July 4th! If you are outside the US, enjoy your weekend!

Until next time! Website-Signature

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