It is odd to work without internet, and I rarely do it by choice—but on Tuesday mornings when our cleaning lady comes, I duck out of my apartment and head to the closest Barnes and Noble, just a few blocks from my house.

There is technically internet at B&N, but it isn’t exactly reliable. One has to get pretty creative to use it for just enough access (syncing Evernote) while not relying on it for any actual work that involves a lot of sending and receiving (updating a website).

I used to view Tuesday mornings as an inconvenience, but over the last several months I’ve come to love my internet-free work time, to the point where I often come to B&N on other mornings too (Patrick’s work-from-anywhere Wednesdays, for example, which often having him working from home in the middle of the week).

One thing that is fun and productive for me is drafting tons and tons of content in a short time. I’ll make a list of emails I need to send, blog posts I need to write, sales pages I need to get up, and just sit and chug away at them.

I’ll also use that time for strategy outpour, dumping all my ideas into my moleskine so that I can quiet my mind for my 1-5pm fiction writing block.

And sometimes I’ll even take the quiet work time to focus on my actual journal, which I shared pages from the last entry.

Yesterday, I was essentially doing all three—for some reason, I was being unusually productive and really in-flow.

Oddly enough, being in flow actually makes me uneasy, because I fear what will happen when I lose flow! Does this ever happen to you? You can’t enjoy your current state because you don’t believe you can maintain it?

  • You can’t enjoy sticking to your diet because you’re waiting for the binge.
  • You can’t enjoy getting your to-do list done because you’re waiting for the burnout.
  • You can’t enjoy earning, saving, or investing money because you’re waiting for the emergency.

I took last night off, not because I need to, but because chugging ahead feels like a warning sign that I’m going to crash soon. I did the same thing Monday night—I felt like I could keep working, like I wanted to keep working, but instead, I forced myself to go to sleep.


Because ultimately, I want to be consistent. I don’t want to steal from my energy stores by burning midnight oil, only to have to pay it back the next morning, or next week when I’m exhausted from working 80+ hours the week before. In my experience, the interest on this stolen energy is always too high, and not worth the initial loan.

How do you manage your energy these days? And what could change about it?

Today I’m sharing:

  • Sales figures for June, plus how I work with my collaborator(s)
  • Progress on Emma + Elsie

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Progress, Wins, and Misses

I have not gotten much writing done at all in the last several days, and I definitely haven’t even touched Socialpunk or Waters Dark and Deep like I intended to.

Right now I’m focused on a number of upgrades and configurations to my websites and that has become all-consuming.

To be honest, I’m not happy about it! I’m not much of a systems girl, though I’ve had to become one since I started running my writing business.

I like having systems, but setting them up and implementing them is just not my cup of tea—I’d much rather be creating something cool and new and fun to share with others.

Unfortunately, my business needs systems now, and that’s what I’m working on. It is wreaking havoc on my writing schedule, which you’ll see later in this section…

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Notable Trends and Results

Sharing sales figures is complicated because there are so many different metrics you can look at:

  • Total sales
  • Sell-through rates (from free to paid, from paid to paid)
  • Sales on various platforms
  • Sales by day
  • Sales by title
  • … so much more!

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The Final Word

I know I sound a little bummed out in some of these sections, but I’m good—it’s been a long two days that started out really inspired (Tuesday morning) and ended really exhausting (Wednesday night). I need to get back to fiction writing and creating things, which is what I do best. Hopefully this will happen by next week, because I have a number of projects I want to work on!

I just want to add a quick reminder, also, that if there is a topic you want me to expand upon in these daily posts, leave a comment with your question or suggestion and I will happily tailor the content to the topics you want to hear more about. Right now, I’m sharing whatever I think might be of interest, but I’d much prefer to share what is of interest.

Until next time! Website-Signature

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