This weekend I spent a lot of time outside but oddly didn’t take any pictures of it.

Still, I managed to find some new camera settings on my new-old phone.

But some were… confusing? What is the point of this one?

I think it’s crazy how many novel things we have these days. I hate to sound like a crotchety old person, but when I was a kid, this stuff just wasn’t around. It’s mind-blowing to think of how far we’ve progressed as a result of the internet, easily one of the most fascinating inventions in the history of mankind.

Today I’m sharing:

  • Some behind-the-scenes on my Emma + Elsie sales page
  • An update on my Naked Noveling ecourse
  • My word counts and progress for this weekend

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Progress, Wins, and Misses

I always try to take it easy on the weekends, like I’m on vacation and just trying to get a bit of work done. This weekend, though, I worked like crazy and made a ton of progress on just about everything besides the one area I like to see progress most: the fiction writing.

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Notable Trends and Results

I’m still not organized enough to share sales numbers in this update, though July 1st seems like a pretty good opportunity to get it together. We’ll get there, I promise.

Instead, I’m going to do something that I never intended to do.

Amber Rae, another blogger who focuses on inspirational content for entrepreneurs and artists, is doing another challenge called #GoWithin where she spends 20 days asking herself questions and then journaling about them.

Sounds really basic—but if you know her, she’s super creative about her presentation with the material and takes lots of pictures of little scribbles she writes, adds stories to make her points, etc. I really like her stuff.

You can read it on Facebook (and probably a number of other places, but that’s where I read it) »

Anyway, yesterday, I missed writing in my journal and broke my streak after 21 days in a row. I didn’t even realize it until about 1am on June 30th—it hit me as I was lying in bed, when I was way too tired to care so much.

I knew it wasn’t the end of the world, but I also knew I needed to make sure I got my journaling in for the day today. Once is a mistake, twice is a trend.

Tell that to 10pm Monica who has been chugging through her to-do list all day and is ready to post an update and go to bed.

I looked at my list of potential topics for my journal (because you should always keep a list of things you want to write about somewhere) and nothing stood out, so I decided to do the first three questions on Amber Rae’s #GoWithin challenge.

I thought it would take some time, but I quickly scribbled through them in about 15 minutes, letting the words flow from my pen.

I’m posting them raw for you below, as snapshots from my journal! With just these three questions, I discovered some really surprising things that I haven’t fully processed yet. I haven’t read it back yet, but it really covers a lot of the stress I’m feeling right now surrounding my business!

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The Final Word

I’ve noticed that having The Create Diary is not just a documentary tool and a product, but also an accountability and productivity tool. One thing I’m going to start doing is to use this subscription to also get my editing done.

For the most part, I don’t do a good job of moving through editing unless I know that a deadline is coming up. No deadline, no progress. Right now, I have three Socialpunk manuscripts near done as well as two Waters Dark and Deep manuscripts near done. Both just need consistent progress on them in order to publish them.

I want to publish them—obviously! That’s why I wrote them.

So starting tomorrow, I’m posting three chapters a day of either Socialpunk or Waters Dark and Deep or both, until I run out of chapters. Hopefully this will force me to get these books out while also doing Emma + Elsie.

This is a good thing for everyone, since readers want more books—but I’m also really curious what subscribers think, because they can actually affect the books before they are published, which is a cool additional layer.

So if you’re reading along with this, feel free to leave comments or suggestions for the words I’m putting out each day.

Until next time! Website-Signature

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