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Not many authors interact with their readers one-on-one. This is your chance to come closer and see what it really takes to get books out there on a regular schedule, run a blog, and keep up with interaction online while trying to have a life, too!

What This Is

The Create Diary is my personal day-to-day record of the successes and struggles I experience as a writer, author, entrepreneur, and creator. In it I share:

  • My progress, wins, and misses for the day
  • My stats: word counts, sales numbers, experiment results
  • My ongoing analysis of the business strategy
  • My rough drafts of whatever I’m working on at the moment, so you can read along
  • A personal narrative of what’s going on in my life, including fun anecdotes and images

Additionally, you get monthly live, exclusive Google+ Hangouts where we can jam on whatever topics you want.

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Why The Create Diary Exists

It’s rare for people to be truly honest about what’s going on in their businesses. We often hear about their successes and every once in awhile hear about their failures, but only after the fact. Yet, there is so much to learn from both the struggles and the successes of a writer’s career. Like every journey, there are major ups and downs and it is sometimes easier to quit than to keep working through the issues.

I wanted to share the truth about how these courses get made, how these stories get told, how these products get to fans. I also wanted to let a select few peek inside, interact with me one-on-one, and give me feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Who This Is For

You will love The Create Diary if you are:

  • a reader of my fiction and want behind-the-scenes and “making of” content that goes beyond the blog + all my ebooks, sent to you automatically via email
  • a reader of my non-fiction or my blog and want my day-to-day personal musings
  • a reader of anything I’ve written who wants to connect and interact with me often, on all different topics
  • an author who wants deeper insight into how this whole writing thing works, from an experienced author’s perspective

How This Works

It’s fairly simple:

  1. You sign up to get subscriber access for a full year. Your year-long subscription is Pay What You Will. Adjust the amount by adding to the quantity field.
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  4. I will email you to alert you of the live, exclusive monthly Google+ Hangouts where we will jam on whatever topics you want
  5. About a month before your subscription ends, I’ll send a few emails reminding you to renew if you choose—there is no automatic renewal otherwise

Sign Up:

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Will I always have access to the diary entries created during my subscription?

Once a month, I will bundle all the content together and email it out so you have the files downloaded. You will receive this bundle even if your subscription ends in the middle of the month. If you’ve misplaced any of your content, email me and I will happily send you a fresh copy.