The First Step To Building An Audience: Start an email list.

You are building an audience for a reason, right? You want to help others, and the way you do that is through your words.

You also want to be seen and heard, and you want people to take some sort of action at some point in the future.

Often, writers and bloggers expect this to just happen. They expect to deal with building an audience later, when they actually launch something. They expect to launch their book or their product or their company in a single blog post. They expect to drive all sorts of traffic (and sales) with that post.

They expect that writing the book is the hard part.

They expect that publishing the book is the hard part.

And most of the time, their expectations are vastly under-met by reality.

The problem is that persuading people to take action on anything is difficult. It gets harder every day, because so many people on the internet are asking. It takes practice. And few people who want to build an audience have taken the time to practice and build this essential skill.

An email list remedies this. Because an email list is an offer within itself. Someone comes to your site and you ask them, “Will you continue to hear from me?” Really, you are asking “Will you continue to hear from me in one of the most sacred digital places you own—your inbox?”

If you can’t convince people to say yes to this question, you won’t be able to persuade them to do anything else. You especially won’t be able to persuade them to buy a book from you in the future.

Today, I encourage you to start an email list if you haven’t already. I use Ontraport to run my email list, and you can check out how I do so when you sign up for my free 7-Day Get Your Book Selling Quickstart.

Ontraport is a bit pricey for beginners, but you can use Mailchimp and Aweber for very little initial investment. Mailchimp has a free account and Aweber has a trial version of their product.

If you are ready to build your audience, I encourage you to grab my free 7-Day Get Your Book Selling Quickstart. There are several tips to help you build your audience, and several more that will help you get your book selling now, if you have one. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

Here’s the two-step process:

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