I grew up learning that the best way to remember someone, really remember them, was to say goodbye.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all the ones I’ve shared so far through #NakedNoveling The Julianne Theory, my newish standalone novel that is sort of coming together. Slooowly.

The quote is a bit more personal to me than the others because it stems from growing up in an Air Force family. We moved a lot, doing two-year tours all over the world, and even on the middle summers when we weren’t moving, the other half of the air base was. I remember knowing that I wouldn’t see a friend again, ever, knowing that we’d say we’d keep in touch but we wouldn’t, knowing that it was really goodbye.

Still, I remember them all, because it’s easy to remember them as they were at that age, in those last moments. I wrote before that memories are made up of moments, and there is nothing that immortalizes a moment in your mind like a goodbye.

It’s much harder to remember someone who you see every day. You get so used to them, that you barely notice their features anymore. You take them for granted, you forget who they were once upon a time, and in a sense, you lose that momentary understanding of them forever, to your own memory failure.

Both of my main characters (Julianne and Kayden) are military kids, so they both understand this better than most. The hard part will be explaining it to the readers.

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