After launching several books of my own, I’ve figured out (the hard way) that there are only three high-level marketing elements needed to make a book or blog successful. Here they are:

#1 – Build an audience –

The only way to get people to read your work is through word-of-mouth. That’s why 90% of books are sold not through advertising or promotions, but through recommendation from a friend.

No one can talk about your writing if no one has read it, so you need an initial base of readers who read regularly and share the good stuff. The bigger the base, the more successful you’ll be when you launch something new.

#2 – Write addictively –

The book can’t just be there; it must also be charming and interesting and entertaining and just, well, amazing. All of these characteristics create addictive writing that people can’t get enough of. There are 12 mechanisms that work like magic to create this addictive writing style when you insert them into your work. If your writing has garnered even the smallest audience, you are probably using at least a few of the mechanisms already. The more you add, the better your content gets. This means more sales for your book and more traffic and shares for your blog.

#3 – Launch effectively –

A book needs a big initial push to get word-of-mouth going. Readers won’t flock to you in the beginning; you must seek them out. This is the step most people miss, that separates the successful writers from the frustrated ones.

That’s it. You need a core audience, great content or a great book, and a predictable and fun way to give your content some additional steam when you first launch it. You can outsource almost everything else—the technical details of publishing, your website design, your SEO, your business accounting. But these three remaining elements are the areas that you, as the writer, want to be heavily involved in.

As I wrote this, I tried to come up with more elements… but I couldn’t! There are no other elements I can think of; all the rest is just details, the “how” of it all. If you want a successful blog with lots of traffic and audience, or if you want a successful book with lots of sales, these three basic elements are all you need.

If you are ready to build your audience, I encourage you to grab my free 7-Day Get Your Book Selling Quickstart. There are several tips to help you build your audience, and several more that will help you get your book selling now, if you have one. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

Here’s the two-step process:

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