Help With Your Book (For Individuals)

It’s not easy to get a novel, memoir, or business/self-help book out into the world, but it also doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Step into a mode where the words flow out of you easily, where you are engaged because your story is fluid and on the right track, where you are excited to add a little bit of progress to your project each day, where you are building an audience for your book as you go, where you are creative, fulfilled, and in love with your work… it’s possible, I promise!

Get Your Book Selling ecourse

For career writers who have produced or want to produce more than one book, my Get Your Book Selling course gets down to the brass tacks of turning your hobby into a business. I start by exploring the 10 stages your audience goes through in depth, helping you identify each stage and digging into the little details that you might be struggling with to move your potential customers forward to move your book. This framework is killer for getting aligned and figuring out what you can ignore… for now, at least. After that, I share 5+ years of experience regarding sticky subjects like building a support system, feeding yourself during your upstart time, and pricing your books for the independent market.

Along the way, I share all my numbers and case studies, so you can get a strong sense of what works, what doesn’t, and when you can plan to go full time.

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Help With Your Branding and Marketing (For Companies)

Good storytelling is a crucial aspect of your business. It manifests itself on your website, your blog, your social media presence. It helps you attract customers, or lose them to competitors.

Most companies aren’t telling great stories about themselves, because it’s so challenging to manage all these different mediums with which to communicate your company’s message. Telling stories is a full-time job that is hard to squeeze in between courting investors, hiring employees, and running a company. Also, it’s hard to know what stories to tell when you are too familiar with the day-to-day workings of your business and industry.

I help companies tell better stories. I do this primarily through writing, which is my medium of choice. Here are some of the tasks people have hired me for in the past:

Technical Freelance Writing

I have written high-quality content for several companies, particularly in the software industry. As a former software engineer, I have the technical know-how to write technical blog posts, case studies (which are essential to establish credibility), website copy, press releases, and founder/employee profiles.

Technical Ghostwriting

At almost every company I’ve ever worked at, I’ve helped the Founder/CEO package their ideas for publication online. Founders and CEOs are always great thought leaders, but often have trouble putting their ideas into words. I have ghostwritten articles that have gotten published on large blogs like VentureBeat, Mashable, and TechCocktail.

Book Writing

Also, almost every Founder and CEO wants to publish a book. I have written a number of books and would love to apply my lightning fast techniques for drafting to help you package your ideas into a book format that is cohesive, smart, and shareable.

About Me

I was the marketing director at two companies (one of which was on the Inc. 50 list in 2011, the year I worked there), but shifted away from that about two years ago to focus on writing. I still love to help companies with thought leadership, brand evangelism, and digital strategy. That means when you hire me as a writer, you get the marketing expertise for free.

I used to consult on digital strategy, but have retired from that to focus on what I found companies truly need—help actually creating strategic content that will get them results. With me, you get thoughtful content that makes an impact. In other words, you get the whole package.

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